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Yoga and Music

Movement moves the body, Music vibes the Soul. 

I begin and end every class with live music, singing for and often chanting with my students to stimulate the senses and to align us all with here and now. 


Vinyasa means "to place in an ordered way" , and by focusing on how each breath enhances each movement, we begin to bring our conciousness into a Theta state of deep relaxation and meditative awareness. I guide this practice as a movement meditaiton - First we bring the breath and body into alignment in a juicy well-rounded style of flow. Throughout the flow, we give attention to every muscle group to strengthen, lengthen and relax. 



This practice comes not from India but from China. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states that there are meridians that run throughout the body (energetic channels like nadis that correspond to the chakras in hinduism). Recommended for high stress individuals to practice 1-2 times per week. Yin is the feminine compliment to her masculine counterpart, Yang, and is rooted in intuition and compassion rather than action and discipline. In this practice we hold the postures longer (2-5 minutes) to get deep into the fascia and balance the parasympahtetic nervous system. Like yoga, TCM goes beyond the physical practice and bears influence into the foods we consume and the emotions we feel. It is best to see this practice as a gateway to physical, mental and emotional balance and come with a mindset of curiousity and self-compassion. 


Moon Flow

In this practice I allow the energetic frequencies that correspond to solar and lunar transitions to guide our practice. By bringing awareness to the larger forces of nature, we become able to harness the power of the celestial bodies and stimulate progress in our personal lives. By bringing these outer and inner worlds into alignment we often feel supported by something greater outside of ourselves. 


Sound Healing 

Using acoustic vibrational frequencies and various instruments, I guide you into present moment mind-body awareness to relax your mind and stimulate your conciousness. 

Yoga Integration

A personalized practice to serve as the blueprint for optimal physical and cognitive function. For thos. ooking to deepend their practice and live a life of intention, purpose and peace. .

Breathwork & Meditation

Cultivate self awareness and self-regulation from within. These simple practices stimulate the mind-body and igniting the inherent wisdom within. For those who seek to integrate discipline, confidence and vitality.


Voice Activation

Authentic expression and conscious communication are key skills that know no bounds. What we say matters just as much as how we say it. Learn how to sprak and sing authentically and powerfully. For those who seek to command presence and inspire.

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