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Classes in Paris

Every week I offer you Vinyasa, Yin and Moon Flow Classes in Paris to align you natures external forces with the cycles within you.


My teaching style is like the waves in the ocean, ebbing and flowing with body, breath and the mind’s fluctuations. In layers, peaks and troughs.

In my classes I challenge my students while encouraging compassion.

Asana means “comfortable position”, and we benefit most from the practice when we can take full, deep, oceanic breaths.

Yoga derives from Yuj, meaning to bring together, to unite, to connect.

I guide my students to unite their breath and movement, as I facilitate a safe space that encourages interconnection.

I encourage everyone to practice "off the mat", taking action on the spiritual ethics and observances that embody Yoga as a whole.

The mind can only flourish once the body is comfortable and the breath is steady.”

MONDAYS at  12:30 Vinyasa & Sound - Bandha Yoga 6e


FRIDAYS at 19:00 Moon Flow & Soundbath* - Rasa Yoga 5e 


SATURDAYS at 17:00 Yin & Soundbath - Rasa Yoga 5e


SUNDAYS at 17:00  Vinyasa & Sound* - Ground to Grow 3e


SUNDAYS at 18:45 Vinyasa & Sound - Bandha Yoga 6e

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa & Sound 

Keilimei takes you on a journey in her Vinyasa and Sound Classes. Holding space for you to drop in to your inner world. Ending always in the sweet

Vinyasa means “To Place in an ordered way” , and a strong vinyasa practice is one where the breath and movement effortlessly flow and intertwine. Quiet the mind, Set an intention, and Tune into your breath. Some days, body and mind want to be challenged. Other days, more compassion is needed. During the opening meditation we set the intention setting of our practice. We acknowledge what we are working with physically, emotionally and mentally.


This all levels class is taught in Layers, designed to inspire and challenge you ,so take what you need and leave the rest. You will get more out of this practice using props. Blocks and Straps give us support and allow us to go deeper. So grab a couple when entering the room. Make the practice your own.

Moon Flow & Soundbath

The Moon controls the tides, and we are made up of 70% water, therefore it is safe to say the Moon has an impact on us. These Flows are inspired by the Moon’s Placement and Pull. The new moon serves to plant the seed, while the Full moon gives us an opportunity to release.

Every Friday, Keilimei will guide you through a flow to align you with nature’s cycles, and the cycles within yourself. On the week of new moon the class will be more breathwork,yin and soundbath-based for a mental and physical RESET. On the week of the full moon, expect more flows & twists for a rejuvenating RELEASE.



Yin & Soundbath

When life gets crazy, a weekly reset is needed. A moment to quiet the mind and observe its thoughts.

A moment to take a step back, be present, and process emotions. Let it all arise. Let it all be felt. Let it all go.

Yin is a feminine practice, the complimentary energy to the masculine “Yang”.

Yin Yoga balances the nervous system, and is more meditative than its yang counterpart.

We invite stillness into the practice, and hold postures longer.

There are only two reasons to move in this practice: either to take a deeper variation, or to lessen the intensity.

We hold each posture for 2-5 minutes to target the Fascia, the energetic tissue that surrounds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place.

This is why TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, works with the the Meridians,energy channels that run through out the body also known as Nadis.

TCM designates each Organ to a season, time of day, element, and its complimentary pair. This is often how diseases are treated in this Medicine.

This class is perfect for the busy body and over active mind.

Ending always with a crystal bowl sound bath and the sweet melodies of Keilimei.

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