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Performer & Top Liner

With a passion for music that was ignited from a young age, Keilimei is a highly skilled performer and top line singer, having honed her talents, guitar, ukulele, and percussion. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical styles throughout her life, Keilimei brings an eclectic and groovy energy to her performances.

Currently touring with the acclaimed French duo Synapson, Keilimei is also deeply dedicated to her personal musical project, where her mission is to share her soulful and captivating sound, taking listeners on a journey that celebrates the love of one's self. With a voice that is both powerful and emotive, Keilimei is an artist who truly captivates her audiences.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience Keilimei's unique sound for yourself. Listen to her music today and be transported on a soulful journey to the love of one's self.

E Ho Mai - 2022 - Synapson X Keilimei

"Synapson and Keilimei have come together to create a new song that blends their distinct musical styles. Keilimei's ambiant vocals and Synapson's renowned production. Listen to the new song by Synapson and Keilimei today.

Acid Rajina - 2023 - UN*DEUX X Keilimei

Based on an origin idea by UN*DEUX, this sound was produce for the Acid Guru album.

Ganapataye - 2023 - UN*DEUX X Keilimei

Focus on the interpretation of a Sanskrit mantra about overcoming challenges. You can listen to it in the album Upgrade yourself.

For You (My Love) - 2021 - TACHES X Keilimei

 This uplifting track invites you to forget your worries and live fully in the here and now. This song is the perfect anthem for anyone looking to embrace the beauty of life. So why wait? Hit play and let the music carry you away to a world of joy, positivity, and being fully present.

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